What is a Big Idea?

The Big Ideas Scheme is a quick and easy way for you to share your light bulb moments with us. These can be anything which could help to improve the student experience here at Liverpool Hope. If you have any idea, big or small, about how Liverpool Hope SU can improve:

  • Your Union,
  • Your University, or
  • Your Liverpool,

... please let us know by completing the online big idea form.

You can also submit your ideas through one of our Campaigns, whichever one best fits the purpose of your idea e.g. if it was to do with women students, you would take it to the Women’s Campaign. Contact the relevant student officer for upcoming campaigns

That is all you have to do to get your Big Idea into the system. Other students can then like/dislike your Big Idea to give us  a feel for what the student body as a whole thinks of your Big Idea for change. To keep track of your big idea, view its progress online.


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