Forum Funding

Forum Funding


Students’ Union forums have three main functions

  1. To allow students to ask questions of Students Union officers
  2. To pass policy to instruct officers to carry out specific campaigns or pieces of work
  3. To allocate funding to Students Union clubs and societies

All sports clubs and societies can apply for funding via our forum funding system. Two weeks prior to each forum every registered student group will be emailed a form asking them to want they want to bid for and where possible providing quotes.

All bids will then be put to a vote at an all student forum meetings. There will be four forum meetings per year which will be advertised on

To be valid there must be somebody from your groups to speak for one minute in favour f the bid.

There are two pots of money one for sports teams and one for societies. The amount of money available and will be advertised at the time of each forum.

Each pot will be capped.  Funds will be allocated based on the  most popular bids. If there is any spare money, this will be allocated to the next popular bid until the pot is exhausted

Example Total Amount in Pot £500

Group A Amount Bid For £200 Number of Votes 33 – Amount allocated £200

Group B Amount Bid For £100 Number of Votes 28 – Amount allocated £100

Group C Amount Bid For £100 Number of Votes 21 – Amount allocated £100

Group D Amount Bid For £ 150  Number of Votes 16 – Amount allocated £100

Please note the Students Union reserves the right not to accept bids. Examples of when bids may not be accepted are


  • If the group has received  money for similar activities/items recently
  • Money has been received but not spent from previous forum bids
  • The student group account is in deficit
  • If a student group has received two successful bids within the same academic year.
  • Sports team member have not purchased a sufficient number of Athletic Association cards


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