Student Groups

1     All Student Groups are subject to the Governance document, policies, procedures and regulations set by LHSU, which may be revised from time to time.

2     The LHSU website has a Student Group ‘how-to’ link.  This link provides assistance in how to register a Student Group, complete a payment voucher, book a room, book an event and apply for funding. 

3     All Student Group requests for expenditure should be made by completing a Payment Voucher). These should include all receipts and or invoices and be signed by 2 officials (e.g. President, Vice President or Treasurer) of the Student Group and then brought to the Union Office on Thursdays who will check the expenditure against their own income accounts before authorising for payment. (See section 7.3)

4     Payment Vouchers for all Student Groups may only be submitted on Thursdays before 4pm.  Cash (Under £10) and cheques will be available for collection from the following Wednesday.  Cash and cheques may only be collected on Wednesdays before 4pm.  Direct bank payments will be made within 5 working days of a valid submission.

5     Under no circumstances will cash amounts greater than £10 be paid to Student Groups in relation to expenditure incurred. As an example this includes payments for sports coaches, deposits for event hire or room bookings.  Payment for such items will be made by cheque or direct bank transfer as detailed above based upon a valid submission of an authorised invoice(s) and receipts where applicable.

6     Student Groups may lodge income at the Union Office on Wednesdays or Thursdays before 4pm.  All income must be accurately counted and segregated into cash or cheque prior to lodging.  The Union Office should be notified in advance of any income that is to be received by direct bank transfer.

7     Each year all Student Groups will be required to provide a list of officials who have the responsibility to authorise expenditure on behalf of the Student Group on Student Group Authorisation Form (Appendix T).  Lists will contain their role(s) within the group, their name, contact information such as e-mail and telephone numbers as well specimen copies of signatures which will be matched against any claims that are made.

8     All Student Groups funds are held within LHSU’s bank account – no club/society should hold their own external bank account without the prior consent of the Students’ Union. The presence of such an account can result in activities being frozen and the activity de-ratified.

9     Any member deemed to have breached financial procedures outlined may be liable for any monies owed, potential criminal prosecution or disciplinary actions deemed necessary by LHSU.

10   Training should be provided annually for all committee members. Training covers all aspects that may be useful for the coming year such as union financial procedures, managing a budget and ideas on fundraising. It is compulsory for Treasurers and Presidents to attend training.

11   Society memberships are available via the LHSU website. Membership money for each Student Group is posted to an Own Income Account on the bespoke Cashbook facility.

12   Any affiliated student group can bid for funding through the Forum system.  The application form can be found on the LHSU website and must be submitted electronically. These applications are approved by the Student Union President. Notifications of whether applications are successful or not are provided to the Union Office so a credit can be placed on the Student Groups Own Income Account where successful.

13   A new Student Group can be set up at any time on completion of the relevant documentation from the LHSU website. This is processed by the Union Office once the Student Union President has approved it so that the Student Group can be set up on the Cashbook.

14   All Student Group payments will be chargeable to their Own Income Account.

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