Hope Star Awards

Hope Star Awards is a chance for you to nominate someone in these categories that you think has been great! These are student-led staff awards, and you can also nominate your Course Rep of the year!

Course Rep of the Year

Do you know a Course Rep that has gone above and beyond in their role? Have they helped shape your course positively, or made sure your department listened to your concerns effectively? Recommend them here and tell us why!

Supportive Tutor Award

Have you had a tutor that has helped you settle or with your work this academic year? Has a tutor supported you well and you think they should be recognised for it? Tell us why below!

Supportive Staff Award

Has a staff member been exceptional in supporting you? Have they excelled in being there for students, or helping them fulfil projects and aims? Let us know in the box below

Student Voice Award

Has a staff member helped champion student voice through SSLCs, their classes or the course content? Do you know someone that has collaborated with the Students' Union to drive the University forward? Tell us about who should win this important award!

Opportunities Award

Has someone created, or made you aware of different opportunities in or outside the University? Has someone given you the opportunity to do some volunteering or create something new? Let us know in the box!

Sustainability Champion

Do you know someone who has been a champion for the environment and sustainability? Do you think a staff member should be recognised for their commitment to being eco-friendly? Tell us below!



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