Forums are an opportunity for all students to take control of the Students’ Union. This is where all important decisions about union policy, funding, events and campaigns are made. They are a chance to hold us sabbatical officers to account and are the chief democratic body of the union, (Basically they are super important.) but they are also OPEN, meaning anyone can talk about anything they feel passionately about.

All students at Hope are automatically members of Hope SU and everyone can have a chance at helping lead the direction of the union. We want you to get involved , as the union is so much more than us three sabbatical officers, the union is all of you lot. Members are invited to submit motions to the union which are then voted upon whether they should become union policy or not, and members can also submit items to the agenda.

Example of a motion idea (this is a previously passed motion);

Students are unhappy with the times of the university shuttle bus – motion submitted that mandates the union to lobby the university to review the bus timetable so it is more suited to all students.  Passed motion- resulting in the university adding two extra times to the service - YAY!
(You can effect change on campus, if you know how to go about it!)

Motion                  Funding

Steven Cox - the Union Student activites and engament co- ordinatior- is available to help all members write and submit motions, if there is something you want to change but are unsure as to what to do, Email to get some top notch motion writing help. 

Examples of discussions that members could submit;

  • Fair trade and ethical investment.

  • Disability access on campus.

  • Broad and inclusive curriculum (studying a range of experts from varying backgrounds, ethnicities etc)

  • Sexism and lad culture on campus.

  • How the country should fund University education.

Open Meetings are an opportunity for you to talk to other students about what it is they are passionate about and what it is you are passionate about. The meetings are a chance for you to also promote discussion and share your good news stories, and come up with ideas for campaigns, as any student can start a campaign to change something and it's really easy once you find people who care about the same stuff as you.

So any exciting news you wold like to talk about or any debates you want to have, this is a space for you to do that too.

Help us change the way the Union, University and World works so our union can do some real good and change the experience of all you Hope students and students in general for the better.

The agenda for the next Forum on December 3rd can be downloaded here 

See you there!

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