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Your Welfare

Student welfare issues are important and without appropriate support your studies can be affected. Your time at Hope should be the best it can be and we at Hope SU want to make sure you are getting appropriate support and are having positive experiences so you can achieve your very best.  

We campaign on welfare issues that are affecting students, not only at Hope but across Liverpool and the whole of the UK to create positive change for all students.

The Hope SU advice service also offers free, independent and confidential advice on Welfare and Academic issues.


                                                                         Your Community


Here at Hope SU we promote a truly inclusive and exciting Hope community. Whether you're a 1st year student living in Halls or a Post grad student, there is something for everyone. We work closely with student Liberations Officers who represent students who define as BME, LGBT, Disabled and Women to make sure their welfare and interests are safeguarded, and we work with our elected part time officers to ensure every person in the Hope community is represented.

We are very lucky at Hope to have three beautiful campuses. All three Campuses at Hope have their own unique community and this year we have been working hard to bring those communities together.

As well as engaging within the Hope community, we want to encourage students to get involved with this incredible city; you chose Liverpool, so why not become part of the wider community?




Do you have an issue regarding student welfare or the Community that you want to campaign to change? Contact SU VP Welfare at vpreswelfare@hope.ac.uk

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