Vice President Sports and Activities

Hi Guys, I am Ollie Smith, your elected Vice President of Sport & Activities for 2020-2021. 
I would like to heavily focus on improving the student engagement around all campuses. I aim to achieve this through both academic and practical means, ideally students will have the opportunity to learn new skills in the class and implement these to benefit both themselves and the sport teams and societies around us. 
I have studied at this university for the previous 4 years from undergraduate through to post-grad, I feel this leaves me open to hear from anyone and everyone, whatever you may be experiencing or concerned about, I likely went through the same too!
We have a vast array of clubs and societies here at Hope (check out the page for more info on all of them!). I was very privileged in helping run a team myself for the past few years, I hope to re-create some of the hard working and positive ethos I installed there. 
I look forward to the future, as should you. 
@Ollie Smith @vpsportnactivites (Instagram), Ollie Smith (VP Sport) - Facebook


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