Vice President Welfare and Community


Hi I'm Sally, your Vice President Welfare and Community 20/21. My role puts me at the forefront of your well-being concerns & to bridge the gap between Hope and the local community.

During my three years of study as a (BA) Fine Art student, I found that my practise often focused on raising awareness and challenging social issues. Naturally, this led to a hands on role, campaigning for change locally with a particular focus on environmental concerns. My officer role allows me to continue and apply my passion to improving student experience here at Hope.

My particular aims are to build partnerships with local charities, which will provide students with personal development opportunities via volunteering and educational workshops. Giving students the chance to make a difference in areas that most concern them, which will have a wider community impact.

As well as collaborating with mental health focused charities, I want to increase in house support. Making students fully aware of what their options are from the university's mental health services, particularly to those from marginalized groups who may face isolation. Creating peer support systems will hopefully create a vigilance and stop students falling through the net. I believe mental health focus is vital this year and as a result I will undergo my own training opportunities to be more knowledgeable and aware of such issues.

I will be utilizing my previous experience in climate action to address the university's environmental footprint. Making small sustainable differences day to day but ultimately reflecting on the University's impact at an institutional level.

Most importantly the SU is your forum for your concerns. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we are happy to work alongside you in making the change you want to see. 

If you have any welfare queries please e mail in the first instance. You can also reach me via Instagram @vpreswelfare and via the phone on 0151 291 3651.

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